Where your car goes to be recycled!

Larry Rushton Started Sunrise Salvage in the summer of 1987. Larry felt that there was a need for a full line of recycling of automobiles and scrap metal for the Port Howe and Pugwash area. Started cleaning up scrap metal and removing derelict vehicles from peoples yards for the county through the Cumberland County Derelick vehicle program. In the first year alone Sunrise Salvage of Port Howe was able to crush about 180 ton of cars and scrap.

Sunrise Salvage buys and sells used vehicles, and is involved in various recycling programs for the province of Nova Scotia. Sunrise salvage participates in

Sunrise Salvage is a licensed and regularly inspected salvage yard. Certified by the Automotive Recyclers of Canada. We pride ourselves in our compliance of all government regulations and environmental concerns.

Sunrise Salvage is environmentally aware and staff is trained to deal with and dispose of all hazardous materials related to recycling used vehicles.

Throughout the years, Sunrise Salvage has earned a reputation for providing its customers with a quality service that has helped to keep the community safe and environmentally responsible. Sunrise Salvage is licensed and approved by department of environment.

Our creativity and environmental awareness are not only limited to salvage. We also repair and paint used vehicles for our customers. We are able to order new parts when the used parts are unavailable or the customer requests new quality parts.

Since September our services have moved into the U-Haul and self storage markets. As of January 2011 Self storage will become available. We have dry self storage, 3 sizes on premises, and other sizes available upon request.

We continuously strive to improve our services and develop new ones in order to satisfy the need and demands of our clientele. We dedicate ourselves to our customers through quality products and services.

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